At CANZAC we are approachable for any assistance we can offer, ideally in the early stage or even more than often at the construction stage, the right system for the right result.

 Pulling from a vast knowledge of concrete and construction expertise, our team together have years of experience in precast, concrete supply, formwork, civil construction and slab design, just to name a few.

 Our suppliers of the more technical products are willing and able to help with any information or assistance that may be required.

 We can offer a steel fiber slab design from the required slab design or drawing. This design will come with correct engineered joint layout; also our engineer can sign off on a PS1 and PS4.

Find out if your slab on grade could be provided a 10 year warranty by using our joint free slab system. No joints, no saw cuts and a guarantee against any applied finishes, floor failures which is becoming common place for peace of mind for all involved.

We understand concrete can shrink, move and crack. And we know about the stresses and loads that can be imposed on a slab on ground. So when it comes to joint systems and Dowels we will work with you to specify the best solution for your project. We even have a programme that can provide the specifier with the right dowel spacings for any situation.

 Provide us with:

  • Maximum design load (kN)
  • Concrete strength (Mpa)
  • Slab Thickness (mm)
  • Modulus of subgrade reaction (Kpa)

Give CANZAC a call and you will be put through to the correct person for your requirements.


 We look forward to helping you