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Bearing Strip

McDowels Bearing Strip is designed to be placed between precast concrete floor slabs and a supporting wall or beams, to prevent high point contact and spalling due to minor irregularities between two concrete surfaces.

It should not be used without mortar bedding where there are major irregularities. The high durability plastic is placed serrated side down, on the top edge of the supporting wall or concrete beam before the slabs are lowered into place. A contact type construction adhesive or tape may be used to prevent the strip being displaced as the floor slabs are lowered into place.

  • Convenient 2.4metre, ready to use lengths. 
  • Easily scored and broken into any desired length.
  • Discretely coloured to match dry concrete
  • Durable, impact resistant plastic
  • COST EFFECTIVE – no waste, no spalled edges to repair, eliminates the time delay of alternative methods
  • No scratching on bottom of floor slabs

 The McDowels Bearing strip is also designed to have different co-efficients of friction on each surface. This allows the precast floor slabs to slide on the surface of the strip, while the underside firmly grips the wall or beam. This ensures that the strip cannot work its way out as the supporting floor goes through daily temperature changes.


Bearing strip also allows creep and shrinkage movements to occur in the floor slab and topping concrete without damage to the supporting beam or wall edges.


Precast floor slabs supported on McDowels bearing strip can be easily slid into their final position.


PRODUCT 50mm x 2mm 75mm x 2mm
CANZAC CODES 18 100 18 101







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