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Ezytube Yellow Formliner

The worlds simplest column forming tube

The Yellow Formliner™ product is a revolutionary new innovation which significantly improves the surface finish of off-form finished concrete structures. 

The Yellow Formlineris simply and easily rolled out over the formwork surface and held in place with staples and adhesive tape. The steel reinforcing is then placed on top of the liner before the concrete is poured. 

The Yellow Formlineris suitable for use over conventional formply, panels, tables and shutters. It is suitable for use to line soffits, beams, walls, lift shafts, the underside of balconies, or almost any conceivable use. 

The Yellow Formlineris a unique composite material that is robust enough to ensure the rigours of other necessary trades such as steel fixing and concrete placing; has excellent release properties without the need to apply release agents; is not slippery when wet, and is simply and easily installed on site. Cutting on site is quickly performed using a basic handheld utility knife, which makes trimming around complicated shapes such as columns, set downs, corners and radius’s a simple task. 

The Yellow Formlineris supplied in rolls up to 2200mm wide and can be supplied in smaller rolls for easy handling (28kg/44m2), or larger rolls (1800kg/2,800m2) for more cost-effective uses. Custom cutting can also be performed at an extra cost. 

International patents are pending for this technology as it is truly a world first formwork technology.



Thickness 900microns (0.9mm)
Gramage 645gsm (grams per square meter
Release Agents Required Nil for standard concrete mixes, however, release agent may ease stripping with higher MPA concrete that generates excess heat.
Water Resistant Both in roll form and once installed
Roll Width Maximum 2200mm


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