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An extractable, reusable rigid plastic tube for concrete formwork bushings. It’s adaptable to the thickness of the wall. Initially it can be installed during the construction of formwork for concrete walls, where the taper tie will go through to secure both sides of the formwork panels. It allows you to remove it from the formwork thus just leaving a hole in the concrete, thereby avoiding the passage of
moisture between the tube and the concrete. The extraction process is very quick (a matter of a couple seconds) and simple with the extractor device RIVEOUT (see technical data sheet)

Check out the Rivepipe and Rivestop in Action:

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Its main advantages are:
  • Is adaptable to the walls’ size and thickness (between 15 and 30 cm).
  • Is easy to use: the procedure is very simple; the tube bushing is placed prior to the installation of formwork panels for concrete walls. The pipe enables and marks the hole through which the pin will pass in order to support both sides and panels of the formwork. 
  • Is removable: its innovation and distinction between other existing formworking pipes or tubes, is that Rivepipe is removable. Enables to remove it very rapidly and without damaging the wall, leaving a clean and smooth (“like marble”) hole. 
  • Is reliable: without leaving the PVC inside the concrete wall, you avoid the risk of water trespassing, finding its way between the joint of the PVC and the concrete. Concrete is an alive material, and has a special behavior over the time, and if a rigid material remains into the concrete wall (with a different behavior over the time), the water will finally find the way, and we have the risk of having leaks. Is ideal for construction works that require a good seal and waterproofing (deposits, tanks, dams etc.). 
  • Is economic: is estimated that the re-use of the RIVEPIPE could be more than 30 times (depending on type of concrete and the use of release agents), with the resultant cost savings, storage capacity and costs, handling etc. 
  • Is recyclable: Rivepipe is made of recyclable materials, therefore, comply with the sustainable development and environmental principles: to reduce, to re-use and to recycle. 
  • Its extraction is also very quick and simple. In only a few seconds with the extraction tool Riveout, the pipe is removed from the wall with total effectiveness.


RIVEOUT is an extracting tool specially designed for the Rivepipe, which allows to remove the pipe from the wall by only screwing it inside the cone’s orifice and pulling it (hollow where the tie rod pass through) and applying a lineal drive movement with its own counterweight. Consequently, the pipe is expelled and removed effortless from the extraction tool (Riveout), and ready to be used again. With these innovative and new system, the formwork bushing and hole remains completely clean and without any damages. Moreover, due to its simplicity, it can bring considerable time savings to the process. The final result is a hole perfectly prepared for a hermetic seal with the Rivestop (also a product created by JABE), and a more sustainable construction project that commits for an environmental friendly construction.

*NOTE: the hole’s diameter that creates the RIVEPIPE is 29 mm, therefore we recommend to use our RIVESTOP reference RIVESTOP D27x50 to seal the hole. 

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Product Codes & Information
Product Product Code
To Suit a 200mm Width Wall 27 030
To Suit a 250mm Width Wall 27 040
To suit a 300mm Width Wall 27 050
To suit a 350mm Width Wall 27 060
To suit a 400mm Width Wall 27 070
Rivepipe Extraction Tool 27 100

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