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Supertie Formwork System

The SuperTie Systems eliminate the possibility of rust stains and deterioration of the structure that is often caused by failure of patching for steel form tie holes.
The SuperTie, Fibreglass Formtie Systems, are used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, with a formtie system which would not have the inherent limitations of previously popular steel form tie systems.

  • Superior Finishes - Superior architectural finishes, without patches or rust.
  • No Corrosion - The fibreglass form tie material cannot rust, eliminating the need to have a breakback, and subsequent plugging and patching, to forestall rust.
  • Saves Money - Saves dramatically on labour costs. Reduces form tie related costs as much as 70%.
  • Reduced Inventory - "One size fits all jobs". Bulk lengths are cut to the working length at the job site.
  • Extends Form Life - All forms and form liners strip easily from the structure without damage from the ties.
  • Natural Insulator - Fibreglass tie, which is left in the structure, is electromagnetically transparent, making it ideal for special situations where magnetic or electrical interference in undesirable. Fibreglass will not promulgate radio frequency and shields nuclear energy.
  • Compatibility - The SuperTie Systems are compatible with all job built and commercially available form systems.

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7.7mm Dia Rod R6/12G

272KG Ultimate Tensile Strength 

12mm Dia Rod R15/16G

6818KG Ultimate Tensile Strength

12.5mm Dia Rod R15/20G GND600 Adjustable Gripper GND1500 Adjustable Gripper
CANZAC CODE 23050 23 020 23 040 23 110 23 210
UNIT 3.7m Lengths (50Lengths/Bundle) 4.9m Lengths (15Lengths/Bundle) 6.1m Lengths (18Lengths/Bundle) 100/Bucket -


 Transpacific Burwood Leighs 30.06.12. 2



The SuperTie Systems are appropriate for use in all forming applications, but are especially beneficial in situations such as architectural finishes, since an aesthetically pleasing finish is attained with tremendously reduced labour expenditures. It also reduces costs in battered wall and "odd sized" tie situations, since the rod is cut to the length required at the job site.


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