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X Plugs

The only mechanical plug for formtie holes and voids

The X-Plug is a “patent pending” mechanical plug specifically designed and engineered to seal all types of formtie holes/voids. Thanks to the X-Plugs mechanical design tightening of the stainless steel nut causes an expansion of the EPDM rubber plug, increasing its diameter inside the formtie hole. This action simultaneously compresses the main body plug onto the bolt to create a liquid and watertight seal between the plug and the wall of the formtie void.

 The X-Plug used with any formtie system has proven to save contractors 50% in labour and material costs when compared to conventional methods. The X-Plug can be installed 20 times faster than non-mechanical plug and patch and ensures a positive seal unlike the conventional method.

 The X-Plug has the capability and reliability to seal all formtie voids with a head pressure rating of 90 metres. There is no need to use epoxy or non-shrink grout which is both time consuming and costly.

 The 304 stainless steel bolt is compression set at 23kgs into the rubber grommet to ensure a non-slip or spin during installation.




SIZE 34 -38 mm 28 - 32 mm 25 - 32 mm 20 - 25 mm 15 - 25 mm

Deep Extension

Socket 650mm

25 mm Void Brush
COLOUR Black Red White Blue Green
CANZAC CODE 25 005 25 010  25 015 25 020  25 025 25 030  25 035 
UNITS/PAIL 300 400 500 350  350  Each Each





A Xylan coating is applied to the stainless steel bolt to boost the corrosive resistance an extra 500 – 1000 hours in the ASTMB1117 salt spray test. The xylan coating also services as an anti-galling/anti seizing agent.

 Ideal for Any structure designed to be water/liquid tight e.g., water treatment plants, pump stations, reservoirs, dams, ground storage facilities, chemical treatment facilities, flood control structures and more.




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