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Armour Joint - New to Existing

The 1 piece solution to armour edge an existing floor when doing an extension or refurbishment. A 75mm x 10mm flat is attached to the existing face of the slab with concrete anchors @ 300mm O.C. The ragged 30x10mm flat is pre attached with nylon nuts, which is cast into the new slab and will pull away from the 75mm x 10mm as shrinkage occurs. This leaves both edges of the construction joint armoured.

  • Supplied in 3 metre lengths in black or galvanised steel as a 1 piece system
  • All fixings included

This system is ideally suited for 150mm thick slabs and above. Custom punching can be performed to allow for dowels for slabs greater than 150mm thick. CANZAC recommends using the speed dowel system with this product


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