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Fibercon Steel Fibre

Fibercon Steel Fibre reinforced concrete is a castable or sprayable composite material of hydraulic cement, fine and/or coarse aggregates with discrete steel fibres or rectangular cross-sections randomly dispersed through the concrete matrix. Steel Fibres strengthen concrete by resisting tensile cracking and have a higher flexural strength than that of un-reinforced concrete and concrete reinforced with wire mesh.

The principle of all Fibercon Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete is to provide discrete, discontinuous reinforcement and effective crack control. Fibercon Steel Fibres are available in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications.

Fibercon Steel Fibre works because unlike mesh reinforcing, the steel fibres reinforce in three dimensions throughout the entire concrete matrix.
The fibre functions to reinforce and restrain micro-cracking, essentially acting as “miniature reinforcing bars”. Thus the earlier the crack is intercepted and its growth inhibited, the lower the chance of it developing into a major flaw.


  • Significantly reduces the risk of cracking
  • Reduces spalling joint edges
  • Greater fatigue resistance
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Longer useful working life




Steel fibres have been successfully used for pavement applications in many hundreds of thousands of square metres of concrete.

  • Factory and warehouse floors
  • Heavy duty workshop floors
  • Roads
  • Roundabouts
  • Hard standing areas
  • Airport runways
  • Bike paths
  • Boat and barge ramps


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The use of Fibercon fibres reduces labour and material costs because they allow rapid construction, with quicker concrete placement as reinforcing bars and fabric are eliminated. These features combine to make Fibercon steel fibre reinforced concrete more economical during construction and over the life of the concrete.


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The corrosion resistance of fibercon fibres is governed by the same factors that influence corrosion resistance of conventionally reinforced concrete. As long as the matrix maintains its alkalinity and remains uncracked, deterioration is not likely to occur.

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PRODUCT 38mm Crinkle Cut 50mm Crinkle Cut
CANZAC CODE 18 810 18 811
UNIT 20kg bag or 1200kg pallet 20kg bag or 1200kg pallet


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