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FinnJoint™ consists of an anodised aluminium extrusion,
a hydrophilic rubber gate seal, and nylon fixing tabs. It
allows concrete slabs to shrink during curing without
cracking, and services expansion and contraction due to
temperature changes.

Key Features
  • Allows for joint movement in all directions
  • Expansion & contraction up to 5x greater than elastomeric sealants
  • Eliminates the need for ongoing costly maintenance of joints
  • Reduces potential trip hazards
  • Reduces potential liability
  • 100% waterproof joint





  • Hydrophilic rubber ensures that the joint is waterproof
  • Increases the design life of the joint
  • Eliminates concrete spalling


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  • Replaces the need for sealants in joints
  • High grade aluminium finish gives increased aesthetic appeal of joint
  • Does not collect dust and debris like sealant joints making for an unsightly joint
  • Can be used with all types finishes including polished concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, tiles, carpet and many more


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FinnJoint is a revolutionary product with many advantages over existing concrete expansion joints. It is the only product that can provide a seal from the time of pouring. All other products must be fitted after pouring. Primarily FinnJoint is designed to remove the need to use elastromeric sealants in any concrete joint. Not only does the sealant fail aesthetically, it will always require costly replacement over the lifetime of the concrete joint.


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