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Roadware Flexible Cement

Flexible Cement is a two component hydrophobic hybrid polyurethane system for maintaining control joints, repairing cracks and filling spalls in concrete.

  • Excellent bonding strength in a wide temperature range.
  • Low moisture sensitivity, will tolerate small amounts of moisture when applied.
  • Good Flexibility at lower temperature.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Easier cartridge mixing.
  • Incredible bond strength.
  • Completely cure to heavy traffic in 15-20 minutes after application at 22C. Will also cure rapidly in subzero environments.
  • Safe to use. Materials react quickly and are solvent and odour free with 100% solids and no VOC's.
  • Self-leveling, excess material may be sliced off after curing.
  • Bonds well to concrete, brick, tile, steel, asphalt and wood.


  • Long lasting repairs that accommodate harsh physical environments and thermal movement.
  • No downtime. repairs are fully ready for traffic in about 20 minutes from application.
  • Odour free, can be used in a wide range of indoor areas.
  • Easy application. All material is self mixed with specially designed packaging or bulk application equipment.


  • Repairing cracks 3mm or larger that may be subject to deflection, movement, dynamic loading, thermal expansion or contraction.
  • Filing and protecting control joints.
  • Repairing spalls and pop-outs in exterior concrete.
  • Forming and repairing bridge joint headers and nosings.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Filing traffic loops.
  • Electrical podding.
PRODUCT 600ML Cartridge 7.5L Kit 38L Kit
CANZAC CODE 20 110 20 120 20 130