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Metal Screed Unirail

A versatile, prefabricated leave-in-place screed rail system provides a guide for the mechanism being used to install the screed. The system ensures the straightness and flatness tolerances of screeds with depths from 40 mm to 120 mm and enables construction of super flat screeds. It is an easy to use, fast track installation system. With the addition of a plastic top extender, a stable base can be provided for running any type of screeding mechanism.

UNIRAIL is a cost-efficient screed rail system produced by precision forming from galvanized high-strength steel, providing excellent dimensional tolerances and stability during screeding operation. It is suitable for internal and external applications.

The system consists of the basic UNIRAIL Screed Rail. The larger heights  can be created by adding installation feet to the UNIRAIL, providing continuous adjustment up to 120mm.

UNIRAIL provide a guide for the screeding mechanism, which can be a manually operated straight edge, vibrating screed machine with striker tubes. The UNIRAIL permit the accurate passage of the screeding mechanism along their length, and the screed material placed between the rails is accurately leveled off to the correct height and flatness.

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  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Strong, high tensile steel construction, galvanized to resist corrosion
  • Forms a vertical face – no voids


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  • Sand and cement screeds 40mm and deeper
  • Concrete screeds and overslabs
  • Ground bearing slabs
  • Suspended slabs
  • Metal deck and composite floors
  • Elevated slabs
  • External slab/ car parks/ yards


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The versatile Metalscreed Unirail 40/60 screed rail is suitable for use with a wide variety of sand/cement or polymerscreeds, It is easily fixed in position with dabs, screws or nails, with 30mm diameter holes at 50mm centres in both elevations to accept dowels and tie bars.


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