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Smart Concrete Sensors

SmartRock2™ is a rugged waterproof wireless sensor that allows real-time temperature and maturity monitoring of concrete. The sensor is placed in the concrete formwork (installed on the rebar) before pouring. Using the SmartRock2™ app you can view the temperature and resulting concrete strength in real-time.


Giatec BlueRock™ is a rugged waterproof sensor for wireless monitoring the relative humidity and temperature of concrete from fresh stage to hardened stage.

BlueRock™ can be placed in the concrete at the pouring time to monitor the temperature and humidity of concrete in-situ. The continuous measurements are recorded on the BlueRock™ memory and can be downloaded at any time during the concrete setting and hardening using BlueRock™ mobile app on smartphone/tablet.

The continuous monitoring of concrete relative humidity and temperature can be used as a QC/QA method. Knowing the level of humidity in the concrete, flooring companies can decide on the timing of installation of floor covering (such as resilient flooring, epoxy coating, or wood) based on the type of concrete materials. Unlike the current time-consuming methods that measure only one data point at the testing time through drilling a hole in concrete, BlueRock™ offers and embedded wireless solution for continuous measurement and accurate monitoring of humidity variations in concrete over time.

smartrock2 tag sensor

Tag sensor

Label the sensor with the tag indicating its location both on the sensor and in the mobile app.

Install sensor

Once onsite, attach the SmartRock2 sensor to the rebar by twisting the metal wires together. This will activate the sensor, measuring concrete temperature and strength.
smartrock sensor install
pour concrete

Pour concrete

After installing the sensor in the formwork, pour concrete as usual.

Obtain results

At any time, wirelessly connect to the SmartRock2 sensor, and view the temperature and strength.
app results



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