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SmartRock 3

Build multi-story structures faster, safer and more economically.

Giatec, the world leader in concrete testing technologies, has announced the re-design of their award-winning flagship product, SmartRock™. It is now available to pre-order. It has been re-engineered with game-changing dual temperature monitoring capabilities for mass concrete applications.

In addition to an update in the sensor’s design, activation, installation, and wireless signal range that's doubled from 6 to 12 metres once the sensor is embedded, ‘SmartRock 3’ has been equipped with dual-temperature monitoring capabilities. This enables users to measure temperature values at two locations simultaneously. One temperature probe is located at the tip of the white temperature cable. Another probe is in the body of the sensor where the black transmitter is located. This function allows users to easily monitor temperature differentials between both the concrete’s core and surface for mass pour applications. 

Giatec SmartRock3 DualTemp3


  • Durable strap - that secures tightly to the rebar
  • Giatec 360˚ - a cloud dashboard system that enables contractors to see their projects in real-time and remotely for informed decision-making.
  • Roxi - an artificial intelligence program that provides new insights into concrete curing by using machine learning algorithms. Roxi can uncover human error that may occur when concrete mixes are set up for maturity calibration, offering suggestions to correct calibration data. This includes the ability to analyse concrete mix proportions such as specified strength, slump and air content.


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