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Tall Slab on Ground Chairs

The TSOG chairs are an economical, easy to use alternative to metal chairs with bases in deep slab situations.

They are lightweight and leave no voids under the bar or mesh, and have no rust problems.


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PRODUCT 110mm  120mm 130mm 140mm 150mm
CANZAC CODE 94 080 94 081 94 082 94 083 94 084
UNIT 100/Bag 100/Bag 100/Bag 100/Bag 100/Bag


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The easy clip-on system ensures the chair stays in place whilst the integral base saves time and labour placing separate bases. The chairs have been load tested to exceed 500kg, and are available in 110, 120, 130, 140, and 150mm cover.

 Ideal For: commercial and civil projects, such as deep slab on ground and road ways. 


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