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The Revolutionary Concrete Screed Rail, Stay-in-Place, Formwork System

Tec-Form is the most unique, versatile and advanced forming system available on the market today. 

This technically innovative form is capable of being used for a multiple of applications. Tec-Form has been designed and engineered for internal and external use and can be used for expansion joints, tied joints and free movement joints.

The Tec-Form profile has curved internal strengthening webs, shaped to allow the form to expand and contract, with built-in Butyl rubber compound inserts, which can re-inflate after compression and return the rail to its original position.

Until now, the issue of spalling at formed joints has been problematic, as other forms are unable to cope with thermal expansion and contraction. Tec-Form is the only system on the market that can truly expand and contract. 

Ideal for: Internal slabs, external pavements, food preparation facilities, hygenic and pharmaceutical, manufacturing facilities.


  •  Use our free engineer service to design your slab, we can issue a PS1, PS2 and PS4
  • Easy-to-use, saves time and labour costs, programme larger pours
  • Unique hinged design and compressible inserts, enable the to truly expand and contract
  • Manufactured to exact tolerances +/- 0.1mm on all diamensions
  • Fast-track installation with unique “quick-fix” fixing kit
  • Strong enough for the heaviest screeding equipment
  • Non-corrosive UV stable and chemical resistant

Tec-Form is easy-to-use and very cost-effective when compared to timber or metal forms. It will save you time and money by allowing you to programme larger pours with less labour, minimise control joints when using with our steel fibre reinforcing systems, and because the system stays-in-place there is no need for stripping formwork, moving and undertaking the installation process again and again.

Tec-Form has two sets of 25mm diameter holes at 300mm centres through the vertical blade suitable for dowels or tie bars.

Tec-Form is available in 2.7m lengths in three standard sizes. Cappings are available in either 2mm or 25mm high that can either stay-in-place or be removed for that application of a joint filler. 

Tec-Form can be installed the day before the concrete pour using concrete slabs or install the day of the pour with our unique “quick fit” fixing kit.


Six Times Stronger Than Competitor in a Regulated Crush Test

When designing the new Tec-Form Hybrid Form/Screed Rail/Joint, its brief was to exceed its competitors in all possible areas.

Considerable research was carried out on the various forms and screed rails available on the market, paying particular interest to their respective faults and problems – of which there were many!

The most common problem was that with a solid “one piece” design spanning the adjacent slabs, no movement could be accommodated at the formed joint, meaning that their use was restricted to “tied” or “restricted movement joints” only… whereas the Tec-Form “hinged” design, means that it can accommodate movement at the formed joint.

Other complaints from users consist of delays in waiting for the concrete dabs to harden, the rails weaknesses in coping with heavy screeding equipment, and their generally poor standard of manufacture. Poor manufacturing standards can have their own set of problems – you simply need to compare the images below, where a randomly selected section of Tec-Form (on the right) is compared to a sample of K Form (on the left) – unadulterated, and supplied by a significant distributor from their stock.

Tec Form Comparison

The sensational new Tec-Form is a superb “leave in place” form/screed rail, and in a direct comparison between the two rails shown above, the K Form rail failed at 65kgf, and Tec-Form rail failed at 430kgf. The Tec-Form rail proved to be more than six times stronger than the K Form version in a regulated crush test. 

Not only are the Tec-Form rails stronger, but they are much more rigid and robust, making them easier to handle and install. Tec-Form is manufactured to a higher tolerance of flatness and straightness than their competitors, and demonstrably to a far superior quality, with the unique benefit of being able to form a movement joint.

This means that its range of suitable uses far exceeds those of other forms/screed rails – in addition to this, Tec-Form has its own dedicated Fast Track Fixing Kit, meaning that the rails can be installed and used immediately – no waiting for concrete dabs to harden, although concrete dabs can still be used to install Tec-Form if required. 


65070 40mm Tec-Form
65060 80mm Tec-Form
65000 125mm Tec-Form
65010 2mm Tec-Form capping
65020 25mm Tec-Form extension capping
65040 Tec-Form rubber insert
65030 Tec-Form pin clamp fixing
65050 12mm straight Tec-Form connector




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