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Canzac Edge Form

We Now Stock Canzac Edge Form

Slab-On-Grade, Tilt-Up Pre-Cast Reusuable Formwork

Setting the standard in concrete boxing

Canzac Edge Form is made from LVL (laminated veneer lumber) giving extra strength and stability to make boxing for formwork, precasting, tilt-up and everyday concrete projects easier, quicker and more economical.

Canzac Edge Form is made from high-quality radiata pine, locally supplied from one of Australasia’s leading forest products companies. State-of the-art log peeling and veneer application utilises a continuous layup and press system to produce consistently high-performing LVL.


  • Longer life than ordinary timber boxing

  • Easier to handle, strong, straight and consistent

  • Special painted surface for easier concrete release and moisture resistance

  • Machined square edges for greater uniformity in screeding

  • Designed for precasting tilt-up formwork and everyday boxing 


 Duplex Screws

Magnetic Bit Holder  X Plug2   Panther Claw4

Duplex Reusable Screws

Magnetic Bit Holder -
To Suit Duplex Screws
X-Plug - Deep Extension Socket, 650mm Panther Claw Round Stake Puller With Foot

61 010

63 000 25 030 64 010


Each Each Each


Canzac Edge Form  62 510 100 x 36mm 90
Canzac Edge Form 62 515 150 x 36mm 63
Canzac Edge Form 62 520 170 x 36mm 54
Canzac Edge Form 62 525 200 x 36mm 45
Canzac Edge Form 62 530 240 x 36mm 36
Canzac Edge Form 62 535 300 x 36mm 27
Nail Stake With Holes 61 010 R20 x 320mm Each
Nail Stake With Holes 61 020 R20 x 460mm Each
Nail Stake With Holes 61 030 R20 x 610mm Each
Nail Stake With Holes 61 040 R20 x 760mm Each
Nail Stake With Holes 61 050 R20 x 915mm Each




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