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Pentra HD+C


Pentra (HD+C) is a water-based, clear, dissipating membrane-forming curing compound, hardener, and densifier that surpasses ASTM C-309 Liquid membrane-forming Compounds for Curing Concrete moisture retention requirements.
This single-component application forms a tougher, abrasion-resistant surface compared to traditional methods requiring post-densification

 See how Pentra (HD+C) makes concrete curing simpler and more effective.


  • Commercial & Institutional
  • Business Office Buildings
  • Cafeterias/restaurants
  • Correctional institutions
  • Retail & shopping centers
  • Schools/education facilities
  • Sports & entertainment venues.


• Cures, hardens and densifies in a single application immediately after finishing.
• Easy to apply, ready to use liquid can be applied by either the concrete finishing contractor or sub-contractor.
• Saves money and time reducing costly labor steps in the application, cleaning, and post re-applications.
• Does not need sunlight to dissipate and will begin to breakdown within 14-28 days reducing costs associated with curing compound removal.
• Non-soluble / nonexpansive Lithium will not absorb water or cause the floor to sweat (surface sweating syndrome).
• Minimizes hairline cracking, dusting, spalling, and other surface defects common to improperly cured concrete.
• Provides improved resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, de-icing salts, and abrasion during construction.
• provides an attractive sheen that enhances the natural appearance of concrete.
• Easy 1 step curing and hardening application.
• Permits easy cleanup and housekeeping reduces floor maintenance costs.
• Minimizes excessive shrinkage, thermal cracking, dusting, and defects.
• Can be employed as an anti-carbonation coating.
• Will not contribute to surface crazing or surface ASR.
• Reduces alkalinity and efflorescence.


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