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Traker System

The Fastest, Most Economical, Dust-free Contraction Joint System For Concrete Slabs

The Tracker® System is a manually operated method for installing early-entry contraction joints in concrete. 

When the Tracker® is pushed across a slab, it folds a strip of Trak Joint® tape and embeds it into fresh concrete. The top edge of the tape sits slightly below the surface of the slab. Trak joints are installed early in the construction sequence, while the concrete is highly workable, immediately before or after the bullfloating operation. The tape remains in the slab to create an effective contraction joint call a Trak Joint®.


  • Trak joints cost 75% less than sawcut joints and are 4 times faster
  • Creates no silica dust
  • Ideal for heated slabs
  • Trak Joints reliabily crack the slab because they are installed as early entry joints in fresh concrete
  • Trak Joints appear as narrow joint-cracks, so if filled with epoxy or polyurethane they require less material to fill.


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