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Brand new to the market is The Beast, an innovative screeding and forming system for concrete slabs on grade and elevated slabs. The system is a very unique patented system that solves a problem and it serves two purposes. Firstly, a fixed elevation point to point screeding system which eliminates the need to re-check levels which is needed when using free-screeding methods currently being used in the concrete industry. So designers, engineers, architects, contractors and occupiers can expect improved finish floor levelness ( FF and FL numbers.)

Secondly, The Beast is an edge forming system especially beneficial for slab on grade applications that uses the Beast Foot with steel nail stakes fixed to the formwork with duplex nails or duplex screws in a vertical position and the other steel nail stake to the second Beast Foot on a fourty five degree angle for the form bracing to eliminate form deflection from the lateral pressure of the concrete.

According to Lance Canute, product development manager at Canzac, “The Beast is a real game changer because we have been looking for a system like this for years that would enable contractors to set form work without having to puncture vapour barriers or DPC or DPM.  Punching the vapour barrier or any penetration through the vapour barrier is concerning  for the designer Canute says because the subsequent moisture can migrate through the concrete slab that can lead to failure of floor coverings. Designers must be very aware of this liability, especially nowadays as most adhesives are water based and don’t need a lot of moisture migrating through the concrete slab to cause delamination of floor coverings or even worse, water vapour, contaminants and soil gases entering the building envelope, leading to moisture getting into wall framing and linings which create a very unhealthy environment for the occupiers of the building.

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 Canute also says the engineering behind the Beast screeding and forming system is very innovative, very smart and cost effective because it is made from three components made from one hundred percent virgin polypropylene. The Beast foot with the engineered peel and stick adhesive that is adhered to the vapour barrier is the only expendable part.

The Beast post that is a round threaded profile with slab elevation markings that fits into the Beast foot can be cut down to suit slab thickness from 100mm to 300mm and can be removed and is reusable.

The adjustable cap that screws into the Beast post has fifty millimetres of adjustability, is yellow in colour with antennas so is easily seen at the finish floor level (FFL).   Both the adjustable cap and the post can be removed from the Beast foot at the same time and be re-used.

The Beast will save time in all screeding and forming operations because there is no need to drive pegs or nail stakes to brace formwork or boxing, with the added value of a vapour barrier safe application that will mitigate liability for designers and contractors. 

Some applications where the Beast could be used:  Industrial, commercial, retail, slabs on grade, elevated decks and multi-story buildings, reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants, bridge  decks, tunnels, shotcrete applications, and anywhere where screeding or concrete needs to be within elevation tolerances or concrete cover to reinforcing steel are critical Canute says (without doubt all the time).


PRODUCT        ADHESIVE FOOT          BEAST FOOT  8 x 31.75mm
CANZAC CODE 21 630 21 640 63 010 63 000
UNIT 100 Per Box  Each 355 Per Box Each


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