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Organic release agent for wood and steel formwork systems.

A release agent manufactured in the USA that is formulated to meet the requirements for concrete precasting and in-situ forming. Enforce E46 works in all weather conditions and  complies with all local, state and Federal VOC and air quality control regulations.

This environmentally friendly form oil is a high-performance  release agent that can be used for wet or dry concrete mixes. Enforce E46 contains no petroleum, giving less than 5 grams/litre VOCs (no dilution). This product will keep your forms clean while providing a perfect release and  with twice the coverage of diesel and water-based products.

Features and Benefits

  • Vegetable oil based release agent
  • Does not contain petroleum
  • Non Hazardous/Non Toxic
  • Less than 1% VOC
  • Biodegradable
  • Will not stain
  • Formulated with rust inhibitors
  • Great stripping properties
  • Helps to keep your forms clean
  • Non Corrosive



The forms should be free of all foreign material, salts, laitance and the Enforce E46 protected from all contaminants or particle material (i.e. dust, dirt and the like).


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