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Securing anchor system to core-insulated concrete panels

A securing anchor system for sandwich walls and core-insulated double walls made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP). The application of ThermoPin® prevents the formation of thermal bridges and enables economical installation.

ThermoPin® Type H

Horizontal anchor

Length from 180mm to 420mm

Capacity to withstand horizontal loads: fresh-concrete pressure, wind pressure, temperature, earth pressure

ThermoPin® Type D

Diagonal anchor

Length from 250mm to 510mm

Capacity to withstand vertical loads

Load transfer of first layer from dead load and all vertical loads

Features and Benefits

  • Good value – low assembly costs thanks to simple and fast installation
  • Durable – proven stability, also in alkaline media
  • Thin – structures with a low layer thickness are possible



Sandwich walls
Core-insulated double walls


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