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Revolutionary breakthrough technology for tougher, stronger concrete slabs.

Introducing Monsta-SLAB® the proprietary engineered mix design. It's our latest innovation at Canzac that will change the way you think about and use concrete.

Significantly reduce concrete deterioration.

The problem

New Zealand concrete is exposed to some of the most extreme conditions - high or freezing temperatures, harsh marine and heavy industry environments, high vehicle movements in logistic warehouses and distribution centres and heavy equipment in factories and waste management facilities. Heavy equipment wheels abrade the concrete surface, while deflection and impact from rolling loads can cause cracking and spalling.

Some try to fight abrasion by simply adding more cement to the mix design, but just adding more cement to concrete reduces its elasticity and workability, meaning it will be harder to place the concrete resulting in increased labour costs. Monsta-SLAB® solves this problem!

The Canzac Solution

With a reputation for developing and delivering the most innovative products in the concrete construction industry we’ve tackled one of our industries biggest problems head on. Now you can significantly reduce the deterioration of concrete surfaces with our latest Canzac breakthrough Monsta-SLAB® technology.

Get unrivalled durability, greater flexural and tensile strength, reduced permeability and enhanced abrasion and impact resistance.

A graphic to show 33% of a filled circle to represent 30% improved abrasion  resistance statistic
improved abrasion resistance
A graphic to show 30% of a filled circle to represent 30% improved impact resistance statistic
improved impact resistance

Monsta-SLAB® is the solution to concrete deterioration.

Our revolutionary proprietary concrete mix is so unique it has the ability to increase the durability of the concrete without the need to add more cement.

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An icon to show compressive
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Monsta-SLAB® Benefits.

Reduced permeability
Improved abrasion and impact resistance
Improved compressive strength
Reduced shrinkage
Reduced CO2 emissions

Applications & Uses

Ready-mix precast / Post-tensioned
Self-consolidating concrete ( SCC )
Slabs on grade

For your next engineering project

Warehouses and distribution centres
Heavy equipment facilities
Refuse transfer stations
Cold storage
Food & beverage processing facilities
Road ways

When engineering and constructing with Monsta-SLAB® use these  ZIG ZAG® joints from CANZAC for maximum durability.

Canzac Zig Zag Joint
Canzac Zig Zag Joint
Canzac Zig Zag Joint
Canzac Zig Zag Joint

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