Designed for lifting concrete tilt-up wall panels via the near face, this lifter assembly (housing an internal foot anchor), provides for easy post-cast extraction of the split-halves of the plastic void former. Supplied assembled in sturdy Galvanised steel and accommodates antennae for location detection. The top label references the panel thickness and the correct direction of the plastic void former recess. In relation to the top and bottom of the panel. The hot forged anchor, permits rapid hardware attachment, with smooth rotation of the clutch during the release operation.

> Available in 125mm, 150mm, 175mm & 200mm

> To be used in conjunction with our T43LA 5T Ground Release Clutch

Features and Benefits

> Features a flexible plastic antenna that folds over when screed passes , but springs back to indicate insert location

> Directional label indicates correct panel thickness & direction of plastic recess plug in relation to top and bottom of panel

> Hot forged anchor permits rapid hardware attachment & allows smooth rotation of the hardware during the releasing operation

> The plastic recess plug created a void for attatching the T43LA lifting clutch to the insert head , the recess plug is easily removed from hardened concrete



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