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Construction spray adhesive

> Specially engineered for bonding with the Tilt Bracket System for detail/reveal strips, chamfer and blackouts.

Features and Benefits

  • High strength
  • Fast drying time
  • Adjustable width spray



  • Concrete
  • MDF
  • High density foam
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood


1. Surface preparation - Make sure contact surfaces are clean and free of oil, dust, dirt etc. Clean surface thoroughly.

2. Apply to both surfaces. Point valve toward surface and spray from a distance of 200mm to 250mm, keeping the can moving to avoid build-up on the surface. Only a thin film is required. Avoid over spraying and creating bubbles.

3. Let adhesive dry to a tack before affixing product to the surface of the concrete (approximately 2 minutes)(Open time 20 minutes)

4. Apply heavy pressure to ensure high strength bond.


1. Remove bonded material with heavy-duty scraper.

2. For removal of adhesive residue, apply Citrus Cleaner.


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