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Beton Xpose

Helps to expose aggregate in freshly poured concrete

Exposed Aggregate Surface Retarder BetonXpose is designed to expose aggregate in freshly poured concrete by delaying the surface set off time. Typically 12–24 hours depending on the concrete type, temperature, humidity and wind. To remove the cement paste from the surface use a pressure washer at 3000-4000 to reveal the attractive exposed aggregate finish. For Driveways, SwimmingPool Surrounds, Patios, Paths and garage floors.

Available Sizes:750ml / 5lt / 10lt / 20lt / 200lt

Features and Benefits

• Ready to use stable water-based technology.

• Superior results.

• Economical.

• Odourless.

• Non Polluting.

• All natural ingredients.

• Does not compromise the final strength of the concrete.

• Anti-Corrosive.

• Suitable for all natural aggregates.


Beton Xpose works by combining with the surface of the wet cement and delays the normal set off time.After the washing off the retarder normal setting continues without compromising the strength of the concrete.


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