Sure Lift with Dye J6D

Solvent-based Sure Lift is a reactive and membrane forming bond breaker, for use in tilt-up wall construction. Sure Lift is a special formulation of polymers and ingredients designed to provide clean,  easy lifting of tilt-up panels. Sure Lift with Dye J6D has a  non-permanent dye for ease of visual inspection during application.

Available in convenient 20L tins or 208L drums.

Features and Benefits

  • Chemically reactive
  • Good resistance to rain and weather
  • Panels lift cleanly
  • Minimal panel residue
  • Resists construction foot traffic





  • The approximate coverage rates are averages based on general site and concrete conditions. The concrete element mix, density, placement, finish and site conditions all account for variables that are associated with the coverage rate and application of the bond breaker.
  • Those responsible, are to verify that the applied coverage rates and overall application of the bond breaker are suited to the specific site variables and conditions. (Any concrete element, regardless of use, must be properly designed, finished and cured in accordance with industry standards).
  • The casting bed should be free of all foreign material, salts, laitance and the Sure Lift with Dye J6D protected while drying, from all contaminants or particle material (i.e. dust, dirt and the like).
  • The Sure Lift with Dye J6D should be stored in a tightly secured original factory container. Store in the horizontal position to prevent moisture accumulation on the drum head. Shelf life in unopened containers is 24 months from the date of manufacture.


  • Do not spray on reinforcing steel. Not recommended for applications with a broom finish, nor rough, porous or weak unsound concrete.
  • Do not apply in the rain or if rain is forecast within 12 hours.
  • Avoid the use of curing blankets or coverings, without first removing surface salts prior to applying the product. Overly porous or weak casting slab concrete; failure to properly finish and/or cure the concrete; uneven or improper application and insufficient mixing of the bond breaker, can all lead to panels sticking. Avoid over use in the application.


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