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Used with 2.5T, 5T, 7T Edge Lift insert

The Canzac Edge Lift Clutch consists of a clutch body, a curved bolt and a high strength ball.

Features and Benefits

• Canzac Edge Lift Clutch has a Factor of Safety of 4:1 in accordance with AS3850:2015

• Lift Clutch must be proof load tested every 12 months in accordance with AS3850:2015

• Installation and release is safe and simple

• After the clutch is inserted over the anchor head and into the recess, the curved bolt is rotated into the closed position. Rotation of the standard bail is a full         360˚

• Once engaged and supporting 1.8kN of load, the ring clutch cannot be released

• Made with electro galvanised finish per ASTM B633 SC1 Type III



Canzac Ring Clutch is used with 2.5T, 5T, 7T  Edge Lift insert for lifting and handling of precast and tilt-up panel erection.


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