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Galvanised spiral wound formers for construction

Drossbach Ducting is manufactured from galvanised steel to create a spiral wound former. They can be used in precast concrete connections, duct formers for post-tensioned tendons and a variety of precast and cast-in-situ concrete work including service penetrations and formers for starter bars. The semi-rigid metal duct is strong and durable for casting into concrete and is easily tied into position adjacent to reinforcing steel.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured locally for faster lead times
  • Up to 150mm sizes (ID)
  • Vent tubing and customised services
  • Simple and effective end caps
  • Formwork locating plates for a secured ducting connection



  • Precast connections
  • Service penetrations
  • Formers for starter bars
  • Post-tensioning ducts


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