One system. Endless possibilities

A unique system of components that bolt together and so can be fitted by hand or in the case of our wall systems lifted in large panels with a crane.

Fast-form is so simple to use that anyone can fit it and it’s flexibility means it can be used for almost any application.

Manufactured from galvanised steel, it is both strong and durable and will last for more than 25 years. The benefits over traditional formwork methods are immense with savings in materials, time and costs — not to mention the environmental benefits.

Our team of designers and structural engineers offer full colour 3D drawings, structural calculations and temporary works drawings, all included in our service.

Fast-Form’s carbon savings are due to our unique long life galvanised steel components, the independent carbon study worked on a lifespan of 15 years, though in reality the system should last 25 years, so the savings could actually be much higher than shown.

Our systems typically weigh 60% less than other systems and so are able to be hand fitted but also as they are lighter, transport costs and so emissions from deliveries are also greatly reduced.

Features and Benefits

  • Less expensive than timber with reduced labour and plant costs, made from galvanised steel, is very strong and won’t rust and is easy to transport.
  • Little or no timber wastage and 100% fully recyclable materials, greatly reduced carbon emissions from not only from use of our system but also reduced emissions from deliveries.
  • We offer the best finish on the market meaning less remedial works, plywood is fixed from behind so no marks on face of the concrete and you can use any grade plywood you need.
  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, from fast quote and design turnarounds to our wealth of formwork experience, you are in safe hands.
  • Faster than traditional forms and a cost effective alternative to panel systems.
  • Access, handrails and toe boards, lightweight system that can be easily fitted by hand quickly and safely.
  • Less make up, no de-nailing, lightweight and easy to use system much faster than traditional methods and very simple to use with low labour skill levels required.


From beams, slab and walls to sheet pile capping beams and much more. Fix to ground, or site concrete, steel or plywood and brackets bolt together to allow you to cast complex shapes in one pour. Wall system can be hand fit or crane lifted.


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