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Giatec SmartRock 2 is a mobile-based wireless sensor for monitoring the temperature of concrete from fresh to hardened stage. It also estimates concrete strength based on the maturity concept. SmartRock 2 can be placed in the concrete formwork (installed on the rebar) before pouring.

Tag and install the sensor on any project in just a few minutes. SmartRock is fully-embedded in the concrete, eliminating any possibility of damage occurring in harsh construction conditions after you pour.


SmartRock 3’s updated design has been re-engineered with game-changing dual temperature monitoring capabilities for mass concrete applications.

The sensor is fully-embedded and secured on the rebar, making it completely maintenance and hassle-free. Temperature data is collected at two locations in the sensors’ cable and body. The strength of your in-place concrete is then calculated automatically based on the maturity method (ASTM C1074).


The SmartBooster device extends the range of the wireless signal of your mobile device, allowing you to collect data from your SmartRock sensors from up to 50% farther away.

Features and Benefits


  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Easy installation and activation by tying wires together
  • Accelerated project schedules
  • Eliminate reliance on cylinder break tests
  • Make critical real-time decisions during concrete curing


  • Accurate real-time data display
  • Maturity calibration database
  • Project management tools including live data sharing
  • Proactive AI notifications of concrete pouring time and mix calibration errors
  • Increased measurement frequency once every 15mins (2 months of data)
  • Extended wireless signal


  • Increased wireless range of up to 50%



  • Measure temperature differentials
  • Accelerate formwork removal
  • Control quality in the field
  • Speed up post-tensioning
  • Open roads to traffic faster
  • Optimize curing conditions
  • Improve saw cutting time
  • Optimisation of curing conditions
  • Quality control in the field
  • Estimation of strength (ASTM C1074)
  • Timing of formwork removal
  • Post-tensioning slab on grade and elevated
  • Monitoring temperature gradients in mass concrete decks


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