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The World's Fastest Embed

The GILMAN Post(TM) Product was born out of asking a simple question: Why does it take so long to set embeds?

The answer was always “That’s how we were taught and haven’t thought about it since...it’s just the way it has always been done.” The truth is, the way it has always been done isn’t always the best way to be doing it.

That mindset is the basis for what Gilman Post strive to do on a daily basis: save contractors millions of dollars every year through innovative construction products designed to increase task efficiency and as a result, increase project margins.

Features and Benefits

• Adjustable: Adjustable Tower allows the user to set the elevation to a tolerance of 1/8th of an inch

• Efficient: Integral Ruler allows the user to quickly set the desired height without using a tape measure

• Strong: Each GILMAN post supports up to 75 lbs.

• Easy-to-Use: Multiple nails provide flexibility to secure the post to the formwork in tough-to-reach places

• Consistent: Eliminates the need for multiple job-built solutions

• Integral Nails: Galvanized nails embedded in the GILMAN Post make connection to the formwork simple

• Low-Profile Base: Low profile base design makes the GILMAN Post nearly invisible from below, ideal for exposed ceiling conditions


  • Embed Plates
  • Slab Depressions
  • Monolithic Mechanical Pads
  • Hang Forms
  • Electrical Boxes
  • Rebar Templates
  • Wall Spacers
  • Embeds in Shear Walls
  • Screeds
  • Floor-Recessed Door Closers
  • Window Washing Davit Embeds
  • Tilt-Up Construction


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