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Crack Mate is inserted into wet concrete flush with surface-level after the screeding stage. No need to saw cut the concrete surface, saving time and additional expense. It is designed for on-ground slabs and can crack along it, whilst it cures. The profile makes it almost impossible to dislodge therefore the surface can be floated as normal, to obtain a flat continuous surface. It provides a positive alternative to existing methods and saw cut options.

Features and Benefits

  • Finish concrete floors the same day
  • No need to saw-cut concrete surface, saving time and additional expenses
  • Provides continuous surface appearance
  • Available in convenient 3metre lengths
  • Provides controlled concrete cracking.
  • Black Rip-a-strip available for decorative concrete



Crack Mate is inserted into wet concrete, narrow edge first (after the screeding stage) and flush with the surface level of the finished concrete.


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