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The Solution for an incorrectly placed lifting anchor

4 Tonne working load limit (WLL)

Compliant with AS 3850.1:2015 prefabricated concrete elements ("AS3850")

Australian National code of practice Tilt-Up and precast , And worksafe New Zealand Good Practice Guide : safe work with Precast concerete 2018 ( NZGPG)

when using the Mistake Plate it is recommended to use CANZAC Panel Anchor Bolts for fixing the plate to the Panel for Lifting

+ Tested in Accordance with AS3850.1:2015

+ Optimum geometry for high performance (low slip)

+ Engineered compression rings for fixture clamping effect

+ Class 8.8 bolt for high shear capacity

+ Torque controlled expansion anchor

+ Heavy duty heat treated washer

+ 30mm socket size

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Lifting Concrete Panels


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