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Designed to support single layered mesh in precast panels

Panel Precast Combo Chairs support single layered mesh in tilt up, precast panels and some suspended deck applications. The chairs provide covers ranging from 30mm to 100mm to suit popular panel thicknesses, with four strong stable legs. The chair can support the mesh whilst walking over it without collapsing or tipping. Dimples located at the base of the legs ensure minimum exposure, and the chair is coloured a consistent grey to match the concrete. The easy push on clip mechanism allows the chair to be adjusted into a vertical position, when lowering the mesh into the form, and suits all mesh sizes including N12 bars

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate placement
  • Four strong legs for greater stability
  • Grey in colour to match concrete
  • Quality clip mechanism
  • Minimum exposure



Precast and tilt-up panels


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