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2-in-1 Solution for Below Slab Termite and Vapour Protection

Pango® Wrap is a physical termite barrier against subterranean termites and moisture vapour. The use of a physical termite barrier provides a non-toxic approach to subterranean termite protection and aligns with the principals of Integrated Pest Management. Through patented and trade secret processes, Pango® Wrap combines uniquely designed barrier materials with the flexibility and strength of extruded high-performance polyolefin film into an easy to install, continuous physical foundation termite barrier.

Features and Benefits

  • Physical termite barrier
  • Independent university efficacy testing
  • NGBS Green Certified - does not contain chemical termiticides or pesticides
  • Vapor Barrier level of moisture protection
  • Made from game-changing resin technology that provides high performance and longevity
  • 15-mil, multi-layer material
  • Made in the USA



Unroll Pango Wrap over an aggregate, sand, or tamped earth base.  Overlap all seams a minimum of 150mm and tape using Pango® Tape or Pango Claw® Tape.  All penetrations and terminating edges must be sealed using a combination of Pango Wrap and Pango Accessories


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