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Control shrinkage cracking in concrete with our revolutionary Re-Poly RF47 Fibre, specifically designed as concrete reinforcement for non structural applications including traffic medians, footpaths, bikeways, SUP, pavements and carparks. Re-Poly RF47 provides concrete with enhanced fatigue, impact and flexural performance and provides post crack residual flexural strength, resulting in outstanding crack control while significantly enhancing concrete properties. The result is more robust, durable, resilient, and long-lasting concrete.  

RE-Poly47 is an economical and efficient reinforcing solution for concrete that is easy, simple, safe and more sustainable.  Re-Poly RF47 has an EPD (Environmental product declaration) and is registered with EPD Australasia.

Features and Benefits

• High performance macro synthetic fibre

• Manufactured specifically for the reinforcement of concrete

• Results in result is more robust, durable, resilient, and long-lasting concrete

• Economical and efficient reinforcing solution

• Easy, simple, safe, more sustainable solution

• Environmentally friendly 100% recycled Polyolefin Polymer


• ATL (Active Transport Links)

• SUP (Shared User Paths

• Bikesways

• Footpaths

• Traffic Medians

• Pavements and Carparks

• Hardstands

• Shotcrete

• Drainage Channels

• Precast elements

• Toppings


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