Stego Mastic is a liquid vapor retardant membrane

Stego Mastic is a liquid-applied vapor retardant membrane, designed to be used in conjunction with Stego Wrap vapor barriers and retarders to create a quality installation that greatly resists the ingress of moisture and other gases.

It can be used for sealing utility, pipe penetrations, and terminating edges when used in conjunction with Stego Tape or StegoTack Tape.

Stego Mastic is available in 18.9L pails, and in 567g sausage tubes for repairs and small installations.

Features and Benefits

> Time-saving aid in achieving an ASTM E1643 installation

> Sausage Tube feature allows for Stego Mastic to be used with a mastic applicator (sausage) gun, for a more precise application

> Ideal for sealing multiple pipe penetrations in close proximity and small pipe penetrations

> Water-based, trowel-grade asphaltic emulsion



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