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Highest quality HOGAN stringline accessories

Since 1948 the Hogan Company has earned the reputation of being the leader in concrete forming and paving accessories. With the introduction of our STRINGLINE PRODUCTS, you will quickly discover that our attention to detail will provide you with the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing available.


1000’ or 5000' spool yellow polyester stringline (1/8” diamond braided)

1000’ or 5000' spool yellow polyester stringline with Kevlar core (1/8” diamond braided)

1000’ or 5000' yellow polyester stringline with wire core


Hogan Company's full range of clamps for stringlines. Attaches to Hogan Stakes and holds line rod in place.

Speed clamp - adjustable clamp. No bolts needed.

Steel clamp, bolts included.

Solid aluminium clamp, bolts included.

Tension Winch

Tension Winch, used with a Hogan 3/4″ Stake. Tensions up to 600 lbs., some assembly required.

3/8″ x 18″ line rod.

Down Bend
Up Bend

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