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Representing the best value and performance

Synthetic fibres can be used in a wide range of applications from secondary shrinkage reinforcement to primary reinforcing in underground shotcrete.

Fibercon has been a leading company in steel fibres for 15 years during which time we have closely watched the synthetic evolution.

We have studied many fibres and their specific applications worldwide, and have chosen the following fibres as representing the best value and performance.


Nycon Fibres are a cost-effective, advanced technology fibre solution that is superior to any other synthetic fibre or welded-wire reinforcement. Nycon Fibres are a multifilament bundle that transforms the way concrete behaves. You can pump it, place it and work faster, easier and more affordable.


Fibercon MP47 is a macro-structural synthetic fibre that provides optimum performance and strength. Fibercon MP47 is ideally suited to any external slab on grade applications as well as precast and shotcrete. It is also ideal for corrosive environments as it will not corrode. Easy handling, recycled packaging leaves no waste onsite as the entire box is thrown into the mix during batching. The fibre is evenly dispersed through the matrix ensuring no balling or pumping problems occur. It substantially speeds up construction and reduces labour time by completely eliminating the need for steel mesh reinforcement.


Emesh completely replaces virgin plastic fibres or steel reinforcing mesh.

Emesh by Fibercon upcycles plastic to deliver innovative reinforced concrete. Small recycled plastic macro polypropylene fibres are added to concrete to replace shrinkage steel. Emesh completely replaces non-recycled plastic fibres or steel reinforcing mesh.

100% recycled plastic is a 90% reduction in C02 compared to steel mesh.

Features and Benefits


  • Faster, cheaper and safer than conventional mesh
  • Crack control in plastic and hardened states
  • High degree of post crack load capacity
  • Excellent dispersion and easy to pump
  • Ductile concrete
  • Quick, efficient and easy-to-use
  • Good finished surface results -broom, float or street trowel
  • No corrosion or durability issues


  • Drastically reduces shrinkage cracking
  • Results in a uniformly smooth, high-quality hairless finish
  • Invaluable on septic tanks poured walls and other formed units
  • Higher resistance to alkalis, corrosion, abrasion, impact, weathering and ultra violet light


  • Provides good impact, fatigue and shrinkage control in all grade concrete
  • Easy-to-use in light duty to medium impact roads, paths, bikeways
  • Ideal for toppings, precast, bunds, decorative stencil concrete
  • Excellent post crack control (toughness)
  • Its positive mechanical anchorage gives exceptional three-dimensional post crack control
  • Suited for hand and conventional finishing
  • Mixes consistently and uniformly
  • Economical


  • Reduces cost as it arrives on site ready to use. It also offers three-dimensional reinforcement throughout the concrete and correct placement. Unlike steel mesh, there is no need for an engineering inspection to ensure mesh is placed to required standards.
  • Simpler and faster, no need to cut steel mesh or manoeuvre mesh and bar chairs. The product is easy to place and finish using a steel trowel, wood float or broom.
  • Reduces injury risks for workers as there is no cutting and tying of steel mesh or chairing up required. Public injury risks during construction are also removed by eliminating trip hazards caused by using steel mesh lying around.
  • 100% recycled plastic saves precious resources. Emesh can also be recycled and reused in the same way as normal recycled concrete aggregate.



  • Suited to footpaths


  • Nycon Fibres are suited to flatwork, elevated decks, sidewalks, driveways, curbing and patios


  • These fibres show very defined ductile behaviour characteristics. Performance levels are excellent in shotcrete precast products and highly corrosive environments.


  • Emesh is suited to footpaths, bike paths, light duty slabs and toppings.


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