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Galvanised steel tongue and groove formwork

The Connolly Keyjoint is a galvanised steel tongue and groove formwork that becomes part of the slab, forming the control joint. Its unique fixing system makes installing simple and at least twice as fast as the conventional formwork methods.

CANZAC Keyjoint is commonly found in residential house slabs. A free joint is achieved by separating a slab with the Keyjoint set in place by using the supplied peg and wedge system. Keyjoint is a galv profile. Because it is a thin galv length care needs to be taken before and during the pour. It is a single pour system and isn't strong enough to be used as a stop pour. Pour some dabs of concrete around the pegs and if pumping, pump directly over the keyjoint and take care until you are confident it is set in place. If a speed dowel is specified you can easily for 100mm slabs insert the dowel and sleeve through the pre punched knockouts and wire them to your mesh.


Rebate Mould

This rigid two-piece plastic capping is designed for heavy traffic areas. The capping fits into and locks onto the fold along the top of the Keyjoint. When fitting match the profile of the mould with the profile of the fold on the Keyjoint. The top section of the Rebate Mould is removed when the sealant is to be applied.

Available in two sizes:

20mm wide x 10mm deep and 112mm x 12mm, in lengths of 3 meters.

Permanent Filler Strip

Closed cell, cross linked polyethylene foam which is chemically resistant to common acids (except concentrated nitric acid), alkalis, solvents, lubricating oils and

detergents. Excellent compression and expansion properties. The permanent filler strip is available in depths to suit each CANZAC Keyjoint profile. The strips are produced in six meter length and designed to have a depth into each slab of approximately 1/4 of joint thickness.

Retained PVC Capping

Extruded from plasticised poly vinyl chloride which is UV treated, ensuring its longevity outdoors. This particular material is resistant to oils and petroleum based products although it is not resistant to chemical solvent such as acetone, trichlorethylene, xylene etc. The option of the tear off top section, once removed, leaves a clean line for areas where an architectural finish is required. Quick to install and designed for joint spacings where curing shrinkage is not excessive.

Available in 24 metre rolls.

Removable PVC Capping

A flexible PVC Capping designed to fit easily onto Canzac Keyjoint and form a void in the finished concrete. It is a good concreting practise to seal all contraction joints in concrete pavements. Sealing the joint guards against foreign material entering the joint which over a period of time, will prevent thermal expansion and subsequently cause the joint to fail. Once the concrete has cured the capping is stripped out and the void filled with an appropriate sealant. The standard removeable capping is produced in 24 meter coiled, with removable manufactured in 6 meter rolls.

Features and Benefits

• Eliminate traditional checker boarding technique

• Eliminates ponding as it can be used to maintain drainage falls

• Control cracking on large slabs, including houses and factories

• Supplied with one wedge and one dowel peg per 750mm for normal use


• Compatible with every length and size of keyjoint

• Easily attached to the building platform with tape

• Made from steel

• ( DIMS = (length) mm X (width) mm X (thickness) mm foot plate with (size) hole to one end, and (size) mm X mmprh welded to the centre of the foot plate

• The best solution for securing Keyjoint when ground penetration isn’t an option



CANZAC Keyjoint is commonly found in residential house slabs.


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