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Nail on to boxing dowelled joint

Hi-Move dowels consist of two parts. The first being a high-quality, high-density, one-piece plastic nail on sleeve. The second being a 10mm parallel side steel plate.

The Hi-Move plate dowel system enables this unique sleeve to be cast into new slabs without having to penetrate formwork, thus eliminating damage to the forms.

The built-in ring shank nails make installation quick and easy and also ensure accurate dowel alignment. This is achieved by the sleeve generating a precise void in the

concrete into which the dowel plate can be inserted at the optimum time of construction. The parallel sided steel plate ensures constant bearing at all times while the tapered sleeve allows progressive lateral movement as the concrete shrinks and cures.

The construction of the sleeve is such that it ensures once the dowel plate is inserted into the sleeve an effective seal is formed around the dowel to prevent concrete slurry from entering the sleeve.

Features and Benefits

  • A constant width steel plate
  • High bearing capacity (but not excessive bearing capacity) in narrow joint widths
  • High bending capacity for a range of joint widths
  • Tapered dowel sleeve to allow increasing lateral movement as the joint width increases.



Note: For additional lateral movement requirements, two sleeves can be used, back to back. This is an important issue that is often over-looked when on-site fabrication of dowel sleeves using oversized conduit is used.


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