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Removable, reusable and recyclable formwork tube

Rivepipe is an innovative solution for formwork structures, specifically designed to protect tie bars when they are inserted to form the wall, and for creating a clean and empty concrete wall busing. It can be quickly and easily extracted (in approx 5 seconds), and without damaging the wall. The result is a clean, empty, uniform, circular hole.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to remove from walls
  • Adaptable to all different wall thicknesses
  • Reliable and safe. Avoids risks of PVC tubes remaining within the concrete structure
  • Quick extraction with the RiveOut tool in a few seconds on each side of the wall
  • Complies with the sustainable development and environmental principles: to reduce, to re-use and to recycle.
  • Holes remain uniform, empty, smooth and clean.
  • Does not damage the wall



Formwork structures

Easy to use extraction tool

Riveout is an extracting tool specially designed for the Rivepipe, which allows to remove the pipe from the wall by only screwing it inside the cone’s orifice and pulling it (hollow where the tie rod pass through) and applying a lineal drive movement with its own counterweight. Consequently, the pipe is expelled and removed effortless from the extraction tool (Riveout), and ready to be used again. With these innovative and new system, the formwork bushing and hole remains completely clean and without any damages. Moreover, due to its simplicity, it can bring considerable time savings to the process. The final result is a hole perfectly prepared for a hermetic seal with the Rivestop (also a product created by JABE), and a more sustainable construction project that commits for an environmental friendly construction.


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