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Cost-effective, proprietary water-based compound.

SINAK Anti Vap is a cost-effective, proprietary water-based compound used to reduce early evaporation of moisture from freshly placed concrete prior to finishing.

SINAK Corporation recognises that each concrete placement is unique. Weather conditions, mix designs and geography all play a role in the ability to finish the concrete surface. To determine the need for use and coverage rates, a small test sample is recommended.

SINAK Anti Vap does not overwater concrete that can lead to weak paste composition. The addition of SINAK Anti Vap to the surface allows concrete finishing to stay on schedule.

Features and Benefits

• VOC Compliant (less than 5 grams/L)

• Assists in reducing or eliminating plastic shrinkage cracking caused by rapid drying of the paste which can lead to an undesired finish.

• Protects the surface from adverse conditions such as low humidity, high winds and hot weather.

• Protects the surface when placing low water to cement ratio concrete.


SINAK Anti Vap is the product of choice to reduce the surface moisture loss during concrete placement. SINAK Anti Vap can be used on concrete, other cementitious repair products and with any SINAK curing product. SINAK Anti Vap is used after the first floating, if necessary. The SINAK Anti Vap is destabilised during trowel operations. Use SINAK Finishing Aid during final finish. Cure with the appropriate SINAK Curing Agent, Water-Cure Equivalent type.


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