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Protects against floor failure due to moisture

SINAK VC5™ is a lithium-based concrete curing treatment that protects against flooring failure due to moisture and alkalinity emanating from the concrete.

VC5™ is water based and requires no mixing, diluting, or agitation. Color: Water clear; Toxicity: Non-toxic; VOC: Contains NO volatile organic compounds.

SINAK VC5™ virtually eliminates cure-related cracking and is especially effective in hot, windy conditions. The appearance and surface profile is unaffected. There is no coating or film on the surface requiring removal prior to the application of surface treatments or flooring installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Identical Results to Water Curing
  • Appearance and Surface Profile are unaffected
  • No Coating or Film
  • Prevents Cure Related Cracking
  • Compatible with all Bond Breakers, Patching Compounds,
  • Underlayment's, etc.
  • Overspray on reinforcement steel does not require removal.


  • Carpets (All types)
  • VCT, Sheet Goods
  • All Adhesives
  • Epoxy
  • Paint
  • Polishing Processes
  • Stains (All types)
  • All Surface Applied Coatings


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