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Forms a tougher, abrasion resistant surface.

Pentra (HD+C) is a water-based, clear, dissipating membrane-forming curing compound, hardener and densifier that surpasses ASTM C-309 Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete moisture retention requirements. This single component application forms a tougher, abrasion resistant surface compared to traditional methods requiring post-densification.

Meeting ASTM C-309 is important. Preventing the floor from damaging effects of spills and stains or hard-to-remove curing compounds is important too. Our new all-in-one does both, eliminating up to 4 steps vs, traditional post hardening methods.

Typically densifiers take too long to dry if applied at the recommended application rate, making them difficult to apply before curing. Either they are applied at lower than recommended application rates prior to conventional curing in order to get the curing compound applied post curing, usually after 28 days. When extensive and expensive cleaning is required, to remove curing resins and staining. A post-curing hardener application can also require chemical stripping and cleaning, pressure washing, or even light sandblasting to prep the floor for proper densifier application. With Pentra HD+C the slab is densified and protected during construction, and the final clean-up is much easier, leaving the owner with a better looking at slab turnover.

Features and Benefits

• Meets actual ASTM C-309 moisture retention.

• Cost effective, one step curing and hardening.

• Easy auto-scrub final clean up.

• Contributes to LEED EQ credit 4.2



• Commercial & Institutional

• Business Office Buildings

• Cafeterias/restaurants

• Correctional institutions

• Retail & shopping centres

• Schools/education facilities

• Sports & entertainment venues.


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