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The environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry

Introducing SLURRYTUB - a portable filtering system that provides a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry.

The wash up and disposal of wet trade waste (slurry) by tradesmen has long been a problem. Too often cement slurry is dumped into gardens, lawns or on to the streets and subsequently down a stormwater drain. Using excessive amounts of water to hose harmful pollutants into client's garden or down the drain is not a solution. For every biodegradable filter used, SLURRYTUB saves an estimated 54 LITRES of water.

Features and Benefits

Clean up made easy with SLURRYTUB – the sustainable solution.

This new, cost effective and simple ‘best practice’ solution significantly improves the environmental performance of building sites and overall stormwater quality. Benefits include:

• Quick and easy to use

• Better for the environment

• Protects gardens and drains

• Minimises council fines

• Creates cleaner & safer sites

• Happier clients



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