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Set it and forget it.

The Beast™ Screed System is vapour barrier-safe, and helps easily satisfy the industry standard, ASTM E1643 Standard Practice for Selection, design, installation and inspection of Water Vapour Retarders used in contact with Earth or granular fill under concrete slabs.

Set it and forget it. This eliminates the need to frequently re-establish grade to ensure floor elevation has not changed during the screeding operation as is typical with traditional wet-screed methods.

The Beast is also an edge forming system especially beneficial for slab on grade applications that uses the Beast Foot with steel nail stakes fixed to the formwork with duplex nails or duplex screws in a vertical position and the other steel nail stake to the second Beast Foot on a 45 degree angle for the form bracing to eliminate form deflection from the lateral pressure of the concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintains floor levelness during the screeding operation
  • Set and forget it. Saves labour costs and time
  • Beast Screed Cap Adjustability – 2”
  • Locator Antennas
  • Made from 100% virgin Polypropylene
  • Environmental Factors: Re-usable component


Industrial, commercial, retail, slabs on grade, elevated decks and multi-story buildings, reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants, bridge decks, tunnels, shotcrete applications, and anywhere where screeding or concrete needs to be within elevation tolerances.


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