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The SPEED PLATE system reduces the number of dowels required when compared with conventional doweling systems. Fewer dowels and simpler installation means reduced cost of installation. The conversion chart below gives the equivalent size and spacing of SPEED PLATE dowels when substituted for conventional smooth round dowels.

The SPEED PLATE is a patented sleeve and steel plate dowel system. The SPEED PLATE provides load transfer across construction joints and immediately accommodates lateral and axial movement produced by concrete shrinkage and differential slab movement. The large, non-tapered plate design reduces bearing stresses on the concrete and ensures consistent bearing stresses on the concrete at the joint face and fully embedded depth of the dowel.

Features and Benefits

• Ensure proper dowel alignment.

• A dowel method recommended by ACI 302-04

• Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction.

• One piece design with alignment marks and pre-installed nails makes installation quick and easy.

• Integral, patented sleeve insert that eliminates lateral restraint between slab panels.

• Non-tapered plate profile ensures consistent bearing stresses at joint face and full depth of dowel.

• Larger steel plates (compared to competing plate plate dowels) provide greater overall surface area to reduce bearing stresses on the concrete.

• A system with a uniform plate width to ensure minimal bearing stresses at the joint face and through-out the full embedded length of the dowel



• Warehouse/Distribution Centres

• Manufacturing Facilities

• Commercial/Industrial Complexes

• Entertainment Centres

• Recreational Complexes

• Parking Lots and Site Paving


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