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Stego Termination Bar is a semi-flexible plastic termination bar, optimal for mechanically securing Stego Wrap to concrete, wood, or masonry.

Stego Termination Bar is flexible enough to bend corners and contours in the wall, making for an easy installation. This product is an ideal complement to Stego Tack Tape while sealing the vapor barrier to the perimeter wall.

Stego Termination Bar is composed of post-industrial recycled PVC, resulting in flexibility that allows the product to bend around corners and contours along walls.

It is made specifically for use with Stego Vapor Barriers and Retarders and is ideal for mechanically securing Stego Wrap to the building for proper installation

Features and Benefits

  • Dimensions - 28.5mm wide x 1060mm Long
  • Pre-drilled holes every 150mm for easy installation
  • Creates a pocket / lip for a bead of caulk to be used
  • Easy for 1 person to install
  • Easy to cut to desired length
  • Flexibile for use on uneven surfaces
  • Made in the USA



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