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Eliminate the possibility of rust stains


SuperTie™ Fibreglass Coil Rod Form Tie Systems are used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, without the inherent limitations of previously popular steel form tie systems.

SuperTie™ systems eliminate the possibility of rust stains as well as the structural deterioration often caused by failure of patching for steel form tie holes. SuperTie™ systems are appropriate for use in all forming applications but are especially beneficial in situations such as architectural finishes.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved architectural finishes, without patches or rust
  • The fibreglass form material cannot rust, eliminating the need to have a break-back and the need for subsequent plugging and patching to forestall rust
  • Saves dramatically on labour costs. Reduces form-tie related costs as much as 70%.
  • One size fits any wall. Bulk lengths are cut to the working measurements at the job site.
  • All forms and form liners strip easily from the structure without damage from the ties.
  • Fibreglass tie, which is left in the structure, is electromagnetically transparent, making it ideal for special situations where magnetic or electrical interference is undesirable. Fibreglass will not pro-mulgate radio frequency and shields nuclear energy.
  • SuperTie™ systems are compatible with all job-built and commercially available forming systems.



Used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration.


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